Supplier partner is the first and basic stage in business, the prerequisite condition to supply high quality products and services to customers, contributing to the existence and development of the enterprise. Defining clearly the important role of suppliers, through the process of business activities, MinhAnh has been looking for, selecting and establishing partner relationship with the most compatible traditional suppliers. MinhAnh has their own traditional partners for each of their product and service.

Some of them are:

Hydraulic torque wrenches:              Simplex / USA; TorqLite / USA; Imperial Newton / USA.

Bolt tensioners:                               TorqLite / USA

Valve grinding machines:                  LarsLap / Sweden

Flange facing machines:                   Mirage / UK; Equalizer / UK.

Pipe cold cut & bevel machines:        Wachs / USA

Pressure testers:                             Barbee / USA

Boring machines:                             York / Canada

Pullers:                                           PowerRam / Taiwan

Hydraulic jacks:                               Simplex / USA

Rollers:                                            Hillman Rollers / USA

Weighing load cell:                            PT / Astralia

Anticorrosion equipment:                    A&E Group / Astralia

Pipeline system repairing equipment:  Oceaneering / USA; Plidco / USA

Welding equipment:

Gear boxes:                                       Brevini / Italia

Oil&Gas Drilling equipment:                 TIW / USA

Standards & Technical books:              ASTM; ASME; API; BSI; JIS; TCVN; . . .

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers:              Perry / USA; HyperbaricHealth / Astralia

Tools for Boilers & Heat Exchangers:    Elliott / USA