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Compression Load Cell HCC 450

Compression Load Cell HCC 450

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TEL: +84 254 3857 923 - FAX: +84 254 3853 860


The HCC is a stainless steel canister load cell, fully welded and sealed to IP68 sealing requirements.

Rugged construction houses a very accurate measurement element which produces better than 0.03% combined error.

With a top capacity of 450t this is one of the worlds highest of the shelf capacity load cells, in addition to the high capacity the HCC has a safe load of 120% of capacity and an ultimate load of 300% of capacity.

Large stable base sealing combined with optimal hardness radius top sealing provides for accurate results and simpler installation.
Provided with 2mV/V output signal and 9m long integral cable it is available in 4 standard capacities of 90t, 180t, 225t and 450t with an operating temperature range of 35 ~ 65c and a compensated range of  - 10 ~ 50c makes the HCC the first choice for serious measurement professional.

Working capacity: 450 ton.

Kết cấu SS, IP 68

Max. high: 305mm

External diameter: 177mm

Weight: 62 kg

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